Windows 7 Driver Signing = Headache, but its for a reason?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why driver signing is necessary. I do. But I gained a higher appriciation for it when I mentioned something about it to my professor. Some of his prior students actually work for Microsoft currently, and one of them had discussed this with him at some point.

It all comes back to Apple. I know it sounds a bit werid, but they inadverntently forced microsoft to adhere to stricter conventions to improve the overall stability of their OS.

Something like 90% of all windows based crashes (blue screens of death) are caused by 3rd party drivers functioning improperly. I can see it being the issue because there is very limited checking when it comes to drivers in the first place. Drivers are written mostly in assembly, which means to have something to test if it is going to interact with the windows kernel fine is a damn near impossible task.

This is where Apple actually does something right. They control every aspect of the hardware and software with their computers, which means that all their drivers are professionally written, and tested throughout for stability. When I came to that realization I felt like someone had slapped me in the brain. Apple…did something RIGHT?
I’ve been a longtime advocate for Windows and Unix-based operating systems (EXCLUDING Apple’s OS) for obvious reasons, and seeing that Windows 7 is taking a leaf out of Apple’s book is a bit weird for me. Its still a pain in the ass, as with most Apple based decisions, but it is almost necessary for Microsoft to improve the stability of Windows.

I understand Microsoft’s mentality on this, but it should still acceptable to use unsigned drivers when you really want to, perhaps with a warning that it may cause stability issues.
Namely – I want to be able to use my hax0red Xbox controller damn it! (And yes I know that the Xbox used USB with a different port configuration :-P) it is the one thing that doesn’t (and will never) work on 7 unless I reboot and go to “disable driver signing”, but when I restart it re-enables it :(. Sure there are ways to edit your bootloader to always boot into this special debug mode, but wtf. WHY?

The only reason for this is the fact that you have to have a valid certificate from VeriSign ($300-$400 a year!)

Shenanagins I say!


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